- 100 Easy to use animation overlays.

- Simply drag and drop on top of your footage.

- Great for music videos and creative edits.

-Easily change color and position.

- Created using a Wacom tablet in After Effects.

- Instant download with walkthrough guide included. (2GB)

- Works with most major editing software or your money back. These files are .MOV's.

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Authentic hand drawn animations that will make your videos stand out.

Simply drag and drop animations on top of your footage.

Easily customize color, position, scale and more.

Professionally animated icons, shapes, actions, lines, and textures.

Drawn using a Wacom drawing tablet in Adobe After Effects.

Works with all video software that support the .MOV file type.​

This pack has something for everyone.

Download our free visual pack to try before you buy.

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