- 40 Cinematic title templates.

- Customizable in Photoshop (ONLY).

- Fonts are all Adobe Fonts, will install automatically.

- Great for music videos, short films and creative edits.

- Includes "ICON" sheet for making own custom titles.

- Easily save new title styles for later use.

- Instant download with walkthrough guide included.

- Elevate your next visual by using this title pack.

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Titles Worth Using

I spent the greater part of a month researching, designing and developing professional title templates. Using design principles like contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity, I was able to craft a pack that would serve my future projects well.

I approach each pack on this site with the mindset of designing assets that I wish I had sooner in my editing career. I know how hard it is to find templates and assets worth using. It is my goal to make life easier for my fellow video editors out there to find and use high quality assets.

This pack will serve as a starting point for you to achieve the perfect title sequence in your future edits. I've organized each template for maximum speed, efficiency and quality. You will also recieve a walkthrough guide with your download.

Try for free by downloading the Free Visual Pack.

Customize With Ease

- Elements organized into folders.

- Customize text, color, size, placement, and more.

- Professional layouts using industry standard design principles.

- Pack is updated annually and you will recieve updates free of charge.

- Designed for video editors looking to add another creative element to their visuals.

- Increase your brand quality with these 4K titles.

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Watch the Tutorial

- Instantly hook your viewers attention.

- Save templates and easily create new looks.

- See how you can customize your own titles.

- Learn how to use the pack and tweak to taste.

- Instant inspiration to give your video edits a vibe.

- Increase your understanding of design principles.

- Create your own custom titles using the icon sheet.



40 Saber transitions guranteed to sauce up your next visual. Customize color and speed. Walkthrough guide included.


50 Motion texture overlays that add character to visual projects. Simply drag and drop these overlays on top of your footage.


50 Lightroom presets designed to speed up your photo editing workflow. Explore unique styles and tweak to your taste!


200 Animated words & phrases designed to make your videos more engaging. Drag and drop on top of your footage, customize color and placement.