Motion Texture Overlays

- 50 Authentic high quality overlays.

- Includes glitches, film burns, textures and more.

- Simply drag and drop above your clips & change blend mode.

- Great for creative, professional, and commercial edits.

- 4K Resolution with customizable color, position, and speed.

- Easy walkthrough guide included.

- Use as transitions or overlays to spice up your visuals.

- Works with all major editing software including Mac & PC. (.Mp4 file type)

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Overlays & Textures

Texture overlays for video editors of all levels.

Add creativity and visual interest to your edits.

Lifetime access to updates and new textures.

Add incredible, realistic effects to your videos in seconds.

Speed up your workflow, customize with ease.

Combine with rotoscoping in After Effects for more unique looks.


Carefully Crafted Motion Elements

Designed in After Effects using expressions and plugins.

Overlays included range from glitches, flares, noise, and more creative textures.

Easily change color and placement of each overlay.

Whether you're editing music videos or just looking to add some creativity into your next edit, this texture pack is the ultimate lifelong solution.

Try for free by downloading the Free Visual Pack.


Expand Your Creative Horizon

- Works with all video editing software.

- Files are .MP4s making previews fast and easy.

- Fully customizeable color and speed.

- Perfect for music videos and creative editing.

- Walkthrough guide included with download.

- Quality overlays that will take your visuals to the next level.

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Make Your Edits Pop

-Easily add creative textures to your videos.

-Change color and placement of overlays with just a few clicks.

- Achieve a more dynamic flow for your edits.

- Save time and achieve amazing results withing seconds.

-Download our free visual pack to try before you buy



Drag and Drop

Import these overlays just like regular .Mp4 files.

Once imported, click and drag onto the top video layer.

Change the blend mode of the overlay to "Screen".

Apply a "Colorbalance HLS" effect to the overlay to tweak color.

Chop, speed up, or double stack overlays for different looks.

Quickly find new styles that fit your vision.

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Watch The Tutorial

Compatible with all video editing software.

These overlays are the perfect pack to add some grit and character to your edits.

With 50 different overlays to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect look for your project. Simply drag and drop the overlay above your clips and change the blend mode to get the effect you want.

Texture overlays are great for creative, professional, and commercial edits. They're also super easy to use - just follow the included walkthrough guide and you'll be up and running in no time. Plus, they're available in 4K resolution with customizable color and speed, so you can really make your visuals pop.


100 Authentic hand drawn overlays for creative edits. Easily drag and drop them on top of your footage.  


30 light leak overlays that can be used over footage or as transitions. Easily adjust position, color and speed.


50 practical transitions for professional edits. Great for creative editors of all skill levels. Simply drag and drop above 2 clips.  


40 Cinematic title templates crafted in 4K quality. Customize in Photoshop to your liking and overlay titles on top of your footage.