What's good? Jake here, thanks for visiting my wesbite. I'm a filmmaker and video editor based out of Columbus OH.   I've been filming things for as long as I can remember. My mom had an old camera that used to plug in to the T.V. When I was 10, I took the camera out and tried filming myself doing skateboarding tricks. I fell in love with video creation instantly. My passion for filmmaking turned into a career for me in 2018. I've been a full time freelancer ever since!


I created this website to share some of my personal filmmaking assets with the rest of the world. Each product on this site was carefully crafted keeping in mind both the practical and creative uses for each pack.


I'm here for all creators, so if you ever want to chat just hit me up on IG! @Ventervisuals.


When I graduated college with a degree in Visual Communications from Bowling Green State University in August, 2018, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I tried getting involved in the local music scene.  


This is my good friend and business partner Jordan Baywood and I circa 2018 after a live performance he DJ'd. Jordan was the first person I reached out to in my local area. He put me in touch with local artists which got me started making music videos. Together, we've grown his YouTube channel to 30,000 subscribers by helping thousands of artists get better vocal mixes using vocal presets.


Before having success on YouTube and social media, many of our days were spent DM'ing artists and small businesses looking for some kind of cash flow.


There is a lot to overcome when starting a freelance career. You have to pay bills, find clients, learn how to run a business. It is HARD. But the hardest part is mental. There were several times from 2018-2020 where I had little to no success or income. I debated giving it all up and going after a "norm-core" job with a larger company or organization. I applied and applied and got turned down despite my portfolio and my college degree. Maybe it was my red hair, my personality, my overall inexperience, who knows? I felt like I was being forced to freelance. I put my head down, accepted my reality, and began to grind.


Just about 2 years later in early 2021, I've helped contribute over a million dollars in digital ad sales for my clients, directed 50+ music videos, and have had a lot of great opportunities popping up on my radar. Staying hungry for more continues to drive me and those around me to succeed.


It is my goal to help as many of my fellow creatives that I possibly can by supplying some of my favorite personal digital assets on this site and sharing my filmmaking knowledge on YouTube as I continue to learn more about what it means to be a professional filmmaker and editor. I'm always looking for suggestions on what to make next so please don't hesitate to reach out to me and let me know how you're feeling!


All the love,

-Jake Venter