100 Authentic hand drawn overlays for creative edits. Easily drag and drop them on top of your footage, change color and placement.


30 light leak overlays that can be used over footage or as transitions. Easily adjust position, color and speed. Add character to your visuals.


50 practical transitions for professional edits. Great for creative editors of all skill levels. Simply drag and drop above 2 clips.  


40 Cinematic title templates crafted in 4K quality. Customize in Photoshop and overlay titles on top of your footage.


40 Saber transitions guranteed to sauce up your next visual. Customize color and speed. Walkthrough guide included.


50 Motion texture overlays that add character to visual projects. Simply drag and drop these overlays on top of your footage.


50 Lightroom presets designed to speed up your photo editing workflow. Explore unique styles and tweak to your taste.


60 Transition elements that will make your next edit SLAP! This pack includes 30 Premiere Pro presets and 30 creative 4K overlays.


30 Amazing paper texture animation overlays. Works in all software. Perfect for music videos, montages and more.

Fun and easy to use shake plugin for After Effects. Perfect for music videos, montages and more!

Over 220 paper, tape and rip textures designed to give your content that authentic paper look and transitions.

15 Transition presets combining classic film frames and your own screenshots. Bring nostalgia to your transitions!

Fire FX is all 4K ProRes video clips of flames, bursts, embers, animated flame mattes & custom made fire transitions.

Get that Freeze Frame paper scratch look without the hassle of animating frame by frame. Over 150 assets to choose from.

Authentic Super 8 Film Textures with a Distorted Twist. the Perfect Film Overlays Pack for any Experimental Video Editor.

Plugin suite for film-like color grading and film effects. Film Grain, Bloom and Halation. Use code "VENTERVISUALS" for 10% off!

Get the look of 16mm film without the cost of buying a film camera, film stock, processing and scanning.

100+ 4K assets ranging from 3D gun animations, overlays, transitions, visual effects elements and sounds

Add realistic fluid simulations to your videos in seconds, creating captivating visual effects that will take your projects to the next level.

16 Thermal inspired LUTS to help you speed up your editing and coloring process. Give your footage that infrared thermal look.

30 High quality glass breaks, impacts and accents perfect for compositing over music videos, films, and more!

Give your videos a unique look without having to spend hours animating frame by frame. Just drag & drop the clips over your footage.

Timeless effects and transitions designed to save time and elevate quality. A go to for any creative project.

Create insane flow in your edits with this pack of 30+ one click presets. And the best part? No plug-ins required.

Add crazy liquid explosion effects to your footage within seconds. Choose from 15 unique liquid explosion presets.

17 Easy to use transition presets to give your transitions some creative movement. Speed up your transition workflow.

Achive the clean 3D floating money effects by simply dragging the overlays on vs having to recreate 3D money assests from scratch.

CRT Presets transform your basic footage to an amazing OLD CRT TV LOOK with a simple double click!

12 LUTs that will always look good. Use these as a starting point and then tweak them a bit to get that perfect color grade!

Add authentic film burns, scans, FX, overlays, and transitions to fire up your next edit! Over 30 unique assets to choose from.

A collection of looks inspired from iconic movies. Getting the look of some of today's biggest movies is easier than ever!

It has never been easier (and faster) to get stunning modular text for your projects. This type kit is designed for Adobe After Effects.

Money FX is one of the most popular products with over 50 unique stop-motion video effects to make your video edits stand out!

Custom crafted, easy-to-use split screen film mattes from real film scans. Break up your video into multiple screens.

V4 Sounds empowers musicians, artists and filmmakers to achieve high quality backing tracks for edits.

Easily add Sci-Fi inspired Shock Wave blast FX into your edits. This pack includes 36 unique Shockwave assets.

A digital dream for nostalgic editors. From error screens to retro programs - you'll be able to assemble a retro interface in no time.

A variety of film aspect ratios for unique letterbox mattes you can apply to any footage for your next project’s film look.

Vibrant glowing filter presets inspired by retro films and music videos. Create stylized sequences instantly.

Gritty Super 8 Film Grain from authentic film scans in 6K resolution, one of the highest-quality film grain packs available today.

Get subtle blurs or double focus with our Split Filters, RGB diffraction effects with our Rainbow Filter, or mirroring kaleidoscopic effects.

Instantly add Sound Design to your project. 225+ Completely original, High quality sounds perfect for any edit.

Unlimited downloads of stock videos, royalty-free music, photos, graphics, graphic templates & more.

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