Cinematic Titles Vol. 1 - Venter Visuals

Títulos cinematográficos vol. 1

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40 títulos cinematográficos diseñados para aportar estilos creativos a tus ediciones. Personaliza cada plantilla de título en Photoshop y modifícala a tu gusto. Importe fácilmente los títulos a su software de edición preferido y colóquelos encima de su metraje.


Titles Worth Using

After extensive research and design, I am proud to offer 40 professional title templates that seamlessly blend video editing principles like contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity.

It is my mission to make the life of fellow videographers simpler by enabling access to high-quality assets they can use in their projects with maximum speed and efficiency.

This particular pack serves as an ideal starting point for crafting captivating titles which will bring your edit quality up a notch! A walkthrough guide comes free with every download; this way you'll be able to create perfect sequences right away.

Try for free by downloading the Free Visual Pack.

Customize With Ease

- Elements organized into folders.

- Customize text, color, size, placement, and more.

- Professional layouts using industry standard design principles.

- Pack is updated annually and you will recieve updates free of charge.

- Designed for video editors looking to add another creative element to their visuals.

- Increase your brand quality with these 4K titles.

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Watch the Tutorial

- Instantly hook your viewers attention.

- Save templates and easily create new looks.

- Stop worrying about creating titles from scratch.

- Learn how to use the pack and tweak to taste.

- Instant inspiration to give your video edits a vibe.

- Increase your understanding of design principles.

- Create your own custom titles using the icon sheet.


Versatile Features

Get your project off to a great start with 40 professionally designed title templates!

So you can rest assured that adding titles will elevate your production quality in an instant. Many creatives have also used this pack for graphic design projects ranging from album art, logos, even commercial work.

The download includes easy-to-follow steps so you get it just right -- no need for complicated processes or prior editing experience necessary.

Try before investing by getting our Free Visual Pack today!

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40 Saber transitions guranteed to sauce up your next visual. Customize color and speed. Walkthrough guide included.


50 Motion texture overlays that add character to visual projects. Simply drag and drop these overlays on top of your footage.


50 Lightroom presets designed to speed up your photo editing workflow. Explore unique styles and tweak to your taste!


200 Animated words & phrases designed to make your videos more engaging. Drag and drop on top of your footage, customize color and placement.